Now glasses are no longer the patent for the myopic people. All kinds of spectacles that highlight the fashion personalities emerge as the times require, beach glasses, sunglasses, basketball mirrors, 3D glasses. People in the pursuit of fashion at the same time, sunglasses have become a sign of the trend. Next, take a closer look at the advantages of this product.

The products of Xiamen Yi Zhao Optical Co., Ltd. are recognized by consumers in both quality and appearance. The company’s sun glasses mainly highlight the fashion personality, the weird appearance and bright color frame, so that you have their own style, its frame is made of TR90 plastic, TR90 plastic is lightweight, can be reduced. Less burden on ears and nose bridge, and this material is wear-resistant, chemical resistance is excellent. Its Sunglasses not only mirror the frame comfortable fashion, the lens is also a variety of bright spots, the multi color mirror in the sun makes you become the focus of the crowd, and the lenses are mostly TAC material, the TAC lens can effectively reduce the strong light, eliminate the dazzling reflected light and scattering light, make the disorderly light line become parallel light, make the visual material even more. Clear and soft.

According to the person in charge, the lens uses UV400100% to prevent ultraviolet light; in addition, the style of the product can be customized according to the customer’s needs, and the customer can choose the product that conforms to his own personality.