On hot summer days, wearing sunglasses when going out can effectively prevent the stimulation of heat and ultraviolet rays, reduce the damage to the eyes and protect the eyes. But if the sunglasses are improperly selected or worn, it will cause adverse consequences.

An ophthalmologist at Arizona Medical College in the United States has found that some of the patients who come to the hospital have the same symptoms: orbital and cheek numbness, dull feeling, swelling of the eyes, and gradually developing to poor breathing, most of them say that when they brush their teeth, they seem to have the feeling of dropping the teeth. After inquiry, the original patients often wear sunglasses more than 12 hours a day habits.

In modern life, many young people blindly pursue fashion and regard sunglasses as a fashion product (especially in summer), regardless of the indoor and outdoor, whether the sun is strong or weak, even when watching movies and TV. As a result, long term so, can aggravate the eye’s adjustment burden, cause eye muscle tension and fatigue, make eyesight diminish, visual substance blurred, serious when serious will appear dizziness, not long sight and so on.