Experts suggest not to wear sunglasses for children as much as possible. Because children are still in the sensitive stage of visual development, under normal circumstances, light enters the eyes of young children and stimulates macula, which is an important condition for promoting the development of their eyesight. And children wear sunglasses, reduce the eye light, reduce the outside brightness and contrast sensitivity, and correspondingly reduce the opportunity for children’s vision development, this may lead to the occurrence of children’s amblyopia. Many parents worry that a strong outdoor sun will hurt the eyes of a child, but the pupil of a child is more sensitive than an adult. When the light is strong, the eyes of a child will naturally adjust to protect himself in time.

Of course, there is a group of children who need to wear sunglasses, that is, children who have been diagnosed with refractive errors and children with amblyopia, strabismus. These children need to do ciliary muscle paralysis, while in the period of ciliary muscle paralysis, their pupil is large, “ring” temporarily lost the function of automatic regulation. At this point, excessive light into the eye is harmful. At this point, it is necessary to give young children temporarily wear a suitable pair of sunglasses.

Teenagers’visual development has been completed and they can wear sunglasses. Of course, the “ring” function of the young eyes is very powerful. If it is not in a special environment such as the plateau, the snow mountain or the seashore, there is no problem in daily life without sunglasses.

Because most teenagers are still in the school age, wearing sunglasses can reduce their visual luminance and contrast, affect their judgment of the things around them, and lead to danger, so they do not recommend teenagers to wear sunglasses. Some data show that at present, more than 80% of our youngsters are myopia, usually wearing myopia glasses. If you want to buy Sunglasses, it is suggested that teenagers go to the professional mirror center to check the special “one mirror double use” type of refractive sunglasses, which can be used as myopia mirrors, and can be used as sunglasses.