Attention should be paid to the lenses of the sun glasses. According to Hualong network, when choosing sunglasses, it is particularly important to observe whether the lenses have bubbles and whether the lenses have degrees. If it is the sunglasses used for self driving, it is necessary to choose the polarized light so that some polarizing and miscellaneous light can be prevented.

Dark-colored sunglasses have good filtering ability for strong light and ultraviolet rays, but the poor permeability will affect the definition of the object. General outdoor environment can wear grey or brown sunglasses, these two colors filter well, color perception is also good, can better distinguish between various colors. Yellow, red, blue, green are not recommended, will affect the surrounding color discrimination.

If the selected lens is too small, it may look straight ahead without a problem, but a little up to the area that is in front of the front, strong light will stimulate the eyes. It’s not necessary to choose oversized sunglasses. They weigh heavily on the bridge of the nose, and people with small faces tend to slip.