Why it is important to wear sunglasses for children?

Many times, we choose to wear sunglasses because of the sun’s eye, but as an eye worker, I want to let you know that in the sun, wearing sunglasses not only makes us feel bad, but mainly because it can reduce the damage to the eyes.

Many of us have the habit of wearing sunglasses. Does the child need to wear sunglasses? Some mothers may have seen some well-known pediatricians say never use children’s sunglasses, because even imports are not safe. But is it really the case?

As a matter of fact, whenever I see the damn men and women wearing sunglasses, and let the baby open a pair of large innocent eyes unprotected under the great sun, I am very heartache.

The American ophthalmology and optometry Society (AOA) once said that sunglasses are essential to people of any age, because children’s eyes are more permeable than adults, and ultraviolet light is more likely to reach the retina, so sunglasses are important to them.

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