Eye care for children

When the baby enters the age of 3, the situation is different. First, the visual development to a relatively perfect degree; second, the time to go out significantly increased, so that the baby may be exposed to more ultraviolet radiation outdoors. When children are in a strong light environment, such as snow mountain, sea, grassland, beach and other environment, it is necessary to wear a pair of regular high quality sunglasses with anti ultraviolet function to reduce the intense sunlight to the children’s eyes and provide protection against the eyes.

But parents must be aware that children are close to adult eyes and vision around 6, and children under 6 should wear sunglasses as little as possible under conditions of permission. The best time for each time is to be controlled in 30 minutes, the longest not more than 2 hours, and the sun should be removed immediately after entering the room or in the shade. The mirror.

Even adults, experts do not advocate long wear of sunglasses, this is because Sunglasses make people’s eyes in a relatively dim light, the pupil of the people will become more conscious, if the eyes of people in such a state, even if the original vision is good, later will also degenerate. Long-term wear of sunglasses, but also cause narrow anterior chamber angle, may lead to poor drainage of aqueous humor, a long time, easy to induce acute attack of angle-closure glaucoma.

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