Why it is important to wear sunglasses for children?

Many times, we choose to wear sunglasses because of the sun’s eye, but as an eye worker, I want to let you know that in the sun, wearing sunglasses not only makes us feel bad, but mainly because it can reduce the damage to the eyes.

Many of us have the habit of wearing sunglasses. Does the child need to wear sunglasses? Some mothers may have seen some well-known pediatricians say never use children’s sunglasses, because even imports are not safe. But is it really the case?

As a matter of fact, whenever I see the damn men and women wearing sunglasses, and let the baby open a pair of large innocent eyes unprotected under the great sun, I am very heartache.

The American ophthalmology and optometry Society (AOA) once said that sunglasses are essential to people of any age, because children’s eyes are more permeable than adults, and ultraviolet light is more likely to reach the retina, so sunglasses are important to them.

How can you choose a suitable sunglasses?

How can you choose a suitable sunglasses? Nanyang Eye Optometry Hospital staff told reporters that the selection of sunglasses to see the filtering effect of ultraviolet light, pay attention to the UV index on the glasses hanging plate. At present, the UV index of most sunglasses is between 96% and 98%. Dark lenses are better than light lenses.

Old people, office workers, children, drivers, myopia, and so on, different groups of people choose sunglasses are fastidious. For example, the old man had better choose a gray lens. Because the gray can reduce the proportion of red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, wearing a cloudy day feel. The office worker, the color of the lens is not too deep. Dark lenses make the pupils enlarged naturally and the muscles tense, which is not suitable for long-term eye fatigue workers. In particular, children under 6 years old, it is best not to wear sunglasses, this age, retinal dysplasia, long-term wearing sunglasses can lead to amblyopia. The people of myopia choose discoloration glasses with degrees. It can not only correct eyesight but also prevent strong light. The driver had better choose sunglasses.

The ophthalmologist told reporters that people with some eye diseases can’t wear sunglasses, for example, when people with angle glaucoma wear sunglasses, the light stimulation decreases, the pupil enlargement, the poor excretion of water in the eye may lead to an increase in intraocular pressure, and symptoms such as swelling pain, blurred visual substance, nausea and headache, etc. Patients with neuritis, color blindness and low vision caused by various reasons can not wear sunglasses.

Overseas Hot Sale Sunglasses

Now glasses are no longer the patent for the myopic people. All kinds of spectacles that highlight the fashion personalities emerge as the times require, beach glasses, sunglasses, basketball mirrors, 3D glasses. People in the pursuit of fashion at the same time, sunglasses have become a sign of the trend. Next, take a closer look at the advantages of this product.

The products of Xiamen Yi Zhao Optical Co., Ltd. are recognized by consumers in both quality and appearance. The company’s sun glasses mainly highlight the fashion personality, the weird appearance and bright color frame, so that you have their own style, its frame is made of TR90 plastic, TR90 plastic is lightweight, can be reduced. Less burden on ears and nose bridge, and this material is wear-resistant, chemical resistance is excellent. Its Sunglasses not only mirror the frame comfortable fashion, the lens is also a variety of bright spots, the multi color mirror in the sun makes you become the focus of the crowd, and the lenses are mostly TAC material, the TAC lens can effectively reduce the strong light, eliminate the dazzling reflected light and scattering light, make the disorderly light line become parallel light, make the visual material even more. Clear and soft.

According to the person in charge, the lens uses UV400100% to prevent ultraviolet light; in addition, the style of the product can be customized according to the customer’s needs, and the customer can choose the product that conforms to his own personality.

Eye care for children

When the baby enters the age of 3, the situation is different. First, the visual development to a relatively perfect degree; second, the time to go out significantly increased, so that the baby may be exposed to more ultraviolet radiation outdoors. When children are in a strong light environment, such as snow mountain, sea, grassland, beach and other environment, it is necessary to wear a pair of regular high quality sunglasses with anti ultraviolet function to reduce the intense sunlight to the children’s eyes and provide protection against the eyes.

But parents must be aware that children are close to adult eyes and vision around 6, and children under 6 should wear sunglasses as little as possible under conditions of permission. The best time for each time is to be controlled in 30 minutes, the longest not more than 2 hours, and the sun should be removed immediately after entering the room or in the shade. The mirror.

Even adults, experts do not advocate long wear of sunglasses, this is because Sunglasses make people’s eyes in a relatively dim light, the pupil of the people will become more conscious, if the eyes of people in such a state, even if the original vision is good, later will also degenerate. Long-term wear of sunglasses, but also cause narrow anterior chamber angle, may lead to poor drainage of aqueous humor, a long time, easy to induce acute attack of angle-closure glaucoma.

How to choose Sunglasses scientifically

On hot summer days, wearing sunglasses when going out can effectively prevent the stimulation of heat and ultraviolet rays, reduce the damage to the eyes and protect the eyes. But if the sunglasses are improperly selected or worn, it will cause adverse consequences.

An ophthalmologist at Arizona Medical College in the United States has found that some of the patients who come to the hospital have the same symptoms: orbital and cheek numbness, dull feeling, swelling of the eyes, and gradually developing to poor breathing, most of them say that when they brush their teeth, they seem to have the feeling of dropping the teeth. After inquiry, the original patients often wear sunglasses more than 12 hours a day habits.

In modern life, many young people blindly pursue fashion and regard sunglasses as a fashion product (especially in summer), regardless of the indoor and outdoor, whether the sun is strong or weak, even when watching movies and TV. As a result, long term so, can aggravate the eye’s adjustment burden, cause eye muscle tension and fatigue, make eyesight diminish, visual substance blurred, serious when serious will appear dizziness, not long sight and so on.

What if you are unable to view traffic lights with sunglasses?

The primary purpose of the shading film is of course insulation and UV protection, but in the unqualified products, the four major indicators will affect heat insulation and safe driving. According to experts, the transmittance of visible light indicates the percentage of visible light passing directly through the film glass in the incident sunlight. The visible light transmittance should be 78%, and the measured value of the visible light transmittance of 3 batches is less than 78%, which will affect the driver’s observation on the driving environment and reduce the ability to identify the things outside the window.

Ultraviolet transmittance refers to the ratio of the transmitted ultraviolet spectral radiation flux to the incident ultraviolet spectral radiation flux. According to the standard, the UV transmittance should be 1%. The UV transmittance of the 5 batches of the products is unqualified, which makes a part of the ultraviolet light storage and penetrating the sun film in the form of absorption and radiation, which leads to the rapid attenuation, fading and blurring of the optical performance of the sunshade film, and greatly shortening the service life of the sunshade film.

The quality film should be able to see clearly at night 6 meters away from the objects, and the poor film will have a foggy feeling. You can wipe the surface of the film with alcohol or gasoline, and it is easy to fade the poor quality film. There is a small way to put a piece of glass with a car sticker on the iodide lamp, and the hand feels no heat is a good film, and the immediate hot feeling is a problem of heat insulation. It is a poor film.

Sunglasses for Babies and Teenages

Experts suggest not to wear sunglasses for children as much as possible. Because children are still in the sensitive stage of visual development, under normal circumstances, light enters the eyes of young children and stimulates macula, which is an important condition for promoting the development of their eyesight. And children wear sunglasses, reduce the eye light, reduce the outside brightness and contrast sensitivity, and correspondingly reduce the opportunity for children’s vision development, this may lead to the occurrence of children’s amblyopia. Many parents worry that a strong outdoor sun will hurt the eyes of a child, but the pupil of a child is more sensitive than an adult. When the light is strong, the eyes of a child will naturally adjust to protect himself in time.

Of course, there is a group of children who need to wear sunglasses, that is, children who have been diagnosed with refractive errors and children with amblyopia, strabismus. These children need to do ciliary muscle paralysis, while in the period of ciliary muscle paralysis, their pupil is large, “ring” temporarily lost the function of automatic regulation. At this point, excessive light into the eye is harmful. At this point, it is necessary to give young children temporarily wear a suitable pair of sunglasses.

Teenagers’visual development has been completed and they can wear sunglasses. Of course, the “ring” function of the young eyes is very powerful. If it is not in a special environment such as the plateau, the snow mountain or the seashore, there is no problem in daily life without sunglasses.

Because most teenagers are still in the school age, wearing sunglasses can reduce their visual luminance and contrast, affect their judgment of the things around them, and lead to danger, so they do not recommend teenagers to wear sunglasses. Some data show that at present, more than 80% of our youngsters are myopia, usually wearing myopia glasses. If you want to buy Sunglasses, it is suggested that teenagers go to the professional mirror center to check the special “one mirror double use” type of refractive sunglasses, which can be used as myopia mirrors, and can be used as sunglasses.

Choose sunglasses for children

“Both children and adults should wear sunglasses in places where ultraviolet light is strong.” Liu Jianguo, deputy director of Ophthalmology center of Xi’an Fourth Hospital and director of laser myopia medical center, said.

“Many people regard wearing sunglasses as a fashion, in fact, its more important function is to protect the eyes.” Ma Yong, director of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmology Department of Shaanxi People’s Hospital, said the main function of sunglasses is to shade and shade ultraviolet light, because the excessive ultraviolet light is harmful to the yellow spot area of the eyes.

Two experts say that children’s visual functions can grow mature and reach adult visual levels by the age of 5~6, so there are many things to be paid attention to when choosing sunglasses for children.

What should be paid attention to when choosing Sunglasses´╝č

Attention should be paid to the lenses of the sun glasses. According to Hualong network, when choosing sunglasses, it is particularly important to observe whether the lenses have bubbles and whether the lenses have degrees. If it is the sunglasses used for self driving, it is necessary to choose the polarized light so that some polarizing and miscellaneous light can be prevented.

Dark-colored sunglasses have good filtering ability for strong light and ultraviolet rays, but the poor permeability will affect the definition of the object. General outdoor environment can wear grey or brown sunglasses, these two colors filter well, color perception is also good, can better distinguish between various colors. Yellow, red, blue, green are not recommended, will affect the surrounding color discrimination.

If the selected lens is too small, it may look straight ahead without a problem, but a little up to the area that is in front of the front, strong light will stimulate the eyes. It’s not necessary to choose oversized sunglasses. They weigh heavily on the bridge of the nose, and people with small faces tend to slip.

Try to choose Sunglasses with polarizing lenses

Buy Sunglasses with complete logos and try to choose Sunglasses with polarized lenses. The primary function of the polarizer’s Sunglasses (that is, polarized sunglasses) is to prevent ultraviolet and filter polarized light. A good polarizing sunglass lens can block more than 99% ultraviolet rays, and consumers can choose a polarizing sunglass with a “UV400” protection logo.

The choice of polarized sunglasses should be true and natural. The color selection of the polarizing lenses should be based on the color of the surrounding environment, the clear edge of the object, and the effective recognition of the different color traffic lights. The color of the lens is good in gray, tea and green, because the lenses of these colors are good for infrared and ultraviolet absorption, and can improve visual contrast and clarity, especially as driving sunglasses, to ensure driving safety. The choice of sunglasses color, it is suggested that before wearing sunglasses, first observe the red, green, yellow and other colors, and then wear sunglasses, observe the same object, the color of the two observation can not have a large color difference, otherwise it will reduce the ability to identify traffic lights. Special attention should be paid to the identification of sunglasses with colorful lenses, especially those with bright colors, such as orange, green and blue lenses on the front.

When choosing sunglasses, first check the quality of the lenses to see whether the surface of the lenses is smooth, there are warpage, wear marks, bubbles. Lens warping can cause light deviation, uneven or bubble, dizziness, blurred vision and other discomforts. Also note that lenses should not be too thin, otherwise high temperature deformation will also cause dizziness. At the same time, the thickness of the lens determines the cost of the lens. In general, the thicker the lens is, the higher the cost, the better the quality, the higher the impact strength and the security of the lens. You can get your sunglasses 30-50 centimeters away from your eyes and watch the vertical and horizontal lines around them, such as window frames or doorframes, and then move the glasses up and down. If the straight line is distorted or wobbled, it is indicated that the lenses are of large radian or degree, and should not be purchased. On the market, partial light sunglasses, some products use the thickness of 0.7mm resin polarizing lens, because the lens thin, in the assembly is easy to produce deformation, should be paid special attention when choosing. It is found that the thickness of some lenses is only 0.3 mm, and there is a certain potential safety hazard, it is recommended not to buy.